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Exhaust gas / odor treatment

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Exhaust gas / odor treatment equipment is divided into acid mist purification tower, activated carbon adsorption tower, organic waste gas purification tower. To help industrial manufacturers to effectively solve the exhaust gas, odor pollution.
Exhaust gas treatment equipment, mainly UV photolysis, spray and catalytic oxidation. Mainly the use of different process technology, through the recovery or removal of harmful emissions to reduce emissions, to protect the environment, air purification of an environmentally friendly equipment
Odor treatment equipment, mainly biodegradable deodorant and ion deodorization principle.
Acid mist purification tower, also known as acid gas purification tower, acid mist purification tower, acid mist absorption tower, exhaust gas purification tower and FRP acid mist purification tower, to eliminate the role of harmful gases in the exhaust gas, with a wide range of applications, high efficiency , Equipment, low resistance, small footprint.
Carbon adsorption tower, is a highly efficient and economical organic waste gas purification and treatment device; is a waste gas adsorption adsorption odor of environmental protection equipment products. The equipment is the adsorption of high concentration of organic waste gas and paint exhaust gas adsorption equipment, is the use of activated carbon itself, the high strength of the adsorption force, combined with the role of the fan adsorption of organic exhaust gas molecules, the organic solvent exhaust has a good adsorption.
Organic exhaust gas purification tower The equipment mainly by: into the wind section, the tower body, filter, pressure table, the wind section and other components
Organic waste gas treatment methods are: condensing method, direct combustion method, catalytic combustion method, activated carbon adsorption method, absorption liquid absorption method, our company research and production of activated carbon fiber purification efficiency of up to 98%, and the other equipment has: small area , High temperature, simple operation, easy maintenance, ancillary equipment and small footprint, wide range of applications, high efficiency, no secondary pollution, etc., especially for large air volume and high concentration of purification treatment.

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