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The use of bag filter maintenance

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Bag filter is a dry filter device. It is suitable for capturing small, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt, and the dusty gas is filtered by the filtering effect of the fiber fabric. When the dust-laden gas enters the bag filter, the particles are larger and larger than the dust, The role of sedimentation down, fall into the hopper, containing smaller dust in the filter through the filter, the dust was blocked, so that the gas was purified.
In the daily operation of the bag filter, due to operating conditions will be some changes, or some failure, will affect the normal operation of equipment and work performance, to be regularly checked and appropriate adjustment, the purpose is to extend Filter bag life, reduce power consumption and recovery of useful materials. Attention should be paid to the following questions:
1, running records
Each ventilation and dust removal system must be installed and equipped with the necessary test instruments, in the daily operation must be regularly measured, and accurately recorded, which can be based on the system pressure, inlet and outlet gas temperature, the main motor voltage , Current and other values and changes to determine, and timely discharge failure to ensure its normal operation.
The problems found by recording are: the working conditions of the cleaning mechanism, the operating conditions of the filter bag (broken, paste bag, jamming and other problems), and the system air volume changes.
2, fluid resistance
U-type differential pressure meter can be used to determine the operation: If the pressure is increased, means that the bag appears to plug, filter bag with water vapor condensation, cleaning mechanism failure, ash fouling too much clogged bag, gas flow increased Happening. And the difference in pressure means that the bag is damaged or loose, into the air side of the pipeline plug or valve closed. Box or the division between the leakage phenomenon, the fan speed slow down and so on.
3, safe
Bag filter to pay special attention to take measures to prevent burning, explosion and fire accidents. In the treatment of combustion gases or high temperature gas, often there is incomplete combustion of dust, Mars, burning and explosive gases into the system into the system, some dust with the nature of spontaneous combustion or charged, while most of the material Are easy to burn, easy to produce static accumulation of friction, in such operating conditions, there is the occurrence of combustion, explosion hazards, the consequences of such accidents are often very serious. Should be well considered to take fire, explosion protection measures, such as:
⑴ in the dust collector in front of a combustion chamber or Mars trap, so that incomplete combustion of dust and gas completely burned or to capture the Mars down.
⑵ to prevent the accumulation of static measures, the parts of the conductive material to ground, or in the filter manufacturing to join the conductive fiber.
⑶ to prevent the accumulation of dust or accumulation, so as to avoid dust spontaneous combustion and explosion.
⑷ people into the bag room or pipeline inspection or maintenance before, be sure to ventilate, prevent CO poisoning

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