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The structure of the dust filter bag filter

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Since the 1970s, the anti-static dust bag dust has become the main process technology of blast furnace gas treatment. Especially in recent years, this technology has been widely applied to the 5000m blast furnace, and it has become a large- Blast furnace in the most energy efficient environmental technology, and the core of this technology is the choice of the use of filter. This paper summarizes the fiber properties and performance indexes of several kinds of high temperature filter bag filter used in blast furnace gas. It introduces the method of selecting suitable filter media and prolonging the service life of filter media for blast furnace gas condition. It is hoped that the blast furnace gas production Selection of high-temperature dust bag dust bag help.

For the gas filter bag filter material is mainly woven media and composite needle felt felt two; woven filter is a traditional way from the weaving machine woven, its high strength, good wear resistance, Can withstand greater pressure and dust abrasion; dimensional stability, smooth surface easy to clean; needle felt felt by the needle punching machine will be one or several kinds of fiber piercing the base fabric and then processed by processing, with High porosity, high filtration precision, can be a combination of a variety of filter performance advantages, the vast majority of the current blast furnace dust collector bag used. The above two kinds of dust collector bag material can be in the filter surface structure of a layer of microporous membrane material that is film coating, the current is usually used PTFE high-temperature dust bag cleaning film, Oil, corrosion resistance and other properties have been strengthened, and the surface is smooth, low friction coefficient, easy to clean.

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