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Anti - static dust bag material method

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China's cement industry capacity, dust source points, is the use of large-scale bag filter, each year will produce a large number of waste dust bag. At present, these old anti-static dust bags are not properly handled, most of them are simply landfill or piled up everywhere, causing serious damage to the ecological environment, restricting the sustainable development of the cement industry.

Incineration is one of the most effective ways to achieve the reduction and harmless waste bag. After the incineration, the chemical fiber bag becomes CO and H0. The ash after the incineration of the glass fiber bag belongs to the general waste and contains CaO, SiO, A10 and so on. Active components, with a high recovery value. In addition, cement concrete can effectively cure harmful components, become recognized as an effective way to absorb all kinds of waste.

In this paper, waste ash was used as cement cement, and the influence of waste slag on the physical properties, working performance and structure of cement was studied systematically. The waste dust was used as cement mixture The feasibility and technical specifications, in order to achieve the cement plant waste dust bag bag of harmless, resource-saving to provide practical technical route.

Waste bags are mainly chemical fiber and glass fiber two categories. The two kinds of waste Fumei high temperature dust collector bag into the muffle furnace at 900 ℃ temperature burning 1h, and then take its burning ash. Chemical fiber bag burning loss of more than 75%, after burning the ash by the ball mill powder into a gray powder, kept in dry conditions stand. The heat loss of the high temperature precipitator bag is almost zero, but it becomes a hard and brittle solid after incineration. It is put into a ball mill and pulverized into a white powder and stored in a dry condition.

The chemical composition of two kinds of waste bag burning ash. The content of CaO is slightly lower than that of cement clinker, and the content of SO is high, reaching 3.29%. The content of glass fiber bag ash is up to 48.48%, while CaO, A1O and other components are relatively small. According to G2847-2005, the material used for cement and quartz materials, the loss of loss should be less than 10% (two kinds of bags after burning loss of ash is much lower than 10%), sO content of less than 3.5% , And SiO, CaO, higher. Visible two kinds of dust collector bag burning ash are suitable for use as cement mixture.

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