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Repair of industrial dust removal equipment

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Dust removal equipment repair, is to ensure the equipment in good condition to maintain the performance of dust and dust equipment, an important means of stable operation. According to the degree of damage to the equipment repair, equipment repair is divided into minor repair, repair and overhaul; which, small repair is usually integrated into the equipment maintenance
Folding dust removal equipment repair also known as maintenance. In the face of the slight flaws in the operation of the equipment, local repair measures can be used to restore the technical performance of the repair works, known as minor repair. The sealing process of the dust removal project, the height and the improvement of the pulsation cleaning device, the leakage treatment, the leakage prevention of the oil leakage, the improvement and improvement of the local defect of the mechanical transmission device, the local defect treatment of the system, and so on.
Folding dust removal equipment is built on the basis of the existing equipment structure, due to wear and tear on the local parts to take a greater degree of repair or renovation of the project, known as the repair. Such as: pulse dust remover system transformation; filter bag and pulse cleaning system replacement works, and so on.
Folding dust removal equipment overhaul, due to equipment life or improve equipment performance. The face of the original dust removal equipment, the main components to replace the repair or a new renovation project, known as overhaul. According to its overhaul content, overhaul is divided into rehabilitation overhaul and renovation overhaul. Rehabilitation overhaul, only by the original model and structural organization overhaul update; renovation overhaul, according to the new technology organization overhaul engineering design and transformation, and even easy to overhaul. Dust removal equipment overhaul project is the value-added construction of fixed assets, the infiltration of capital infiltration should be approved by the state regulations. Such as: electrostatic precipitator all update the precipitation pole and corona pole of the major repair works; long bag low pressure pulse dust collector replacement filter bag, pulse jet system, the gray system of a one-time repair work.
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