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The end of the bag filter is used

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Bag filter is a use of organic fiber or inorganic fiber filter material dust dust in the dust out of the dust removal equipment, not only for the dust has a good capture effect, and supplemented by the necessary measures can also handle some harmful Toxic gases, has become the prevention and treatment of air pollution, improve working conditions, the recovery of useful materials and the protection of mechanical and electrical equipment, effective devices.

Bag filter in the flour industry has been widely used, such as feeding, processing, finished product transportation, packaging and other production sites of dust, can be completed by the bag filter. However, the survey also found that some flour factory bag filter effect is not ideal, such as dust concentration exceeded, equipment resistance is too large, heavy maintenance tasks; more serious some have also occurred in the explosion. The analysis concluded that this was mainly due to the improper selection and improper design of the precipitator. Only for different specific circumstances, the correct and reasonable choice and design of bag filter parameters, in order to achieve efficient, low consumption, safe and reliable operation results. Bag filter is more important design parameters include: filter bag material structure, filtration speed, filter area, cleaning methods; and these factors are interactive and mutual constraints. In the selection and design of bag filter parameters should be comprehensive analysis and consideration. Such as the treatment of high dust concentration of gas, the cleaning time interval should be shortened, the import dust concentration is low, the cleaning time interval is short, the effect of good dust precipitator, you can use a higher filtration rate; Select a lower filter speed. Proper use and maintenance of bag filter, both to maximize the effect of dust, but also can extend the service life.

Of course, with the bag filter supporting the wind pressure and air flow and other parameters will also directly affect the dust removal effect, in the design, use the process should also be considered together. With the long-term application of bag filter in the flour industry and the deepening of theoretical research, such as design parameters, filtration mechanism, filter performance, equipment structure and cleaning methods and other research work progress, bag filter in the flour industry The production and environmental protection will play a greater role.

In the role of flue gas purification
Flue gas purification system is the key to the control of municipal solid waste incineration pollution, flue gas purification after the discharge of various pollutants should meet the national standard GWKB3 -2000. Flue gas purification should be semi-dry plus bag dust removal process, divided into two steps: the first step deacidification, remove the acid gas; the second step dust, collecting particulate matter, heavy metals and dioxins organic matter.
Waste incineration Flue gas pollutants exist in gaseous or solid form, generally divided into four categories: acidic gaseous pollutants, incomplete combustion products, particulate pollutants and heavy metal pollutants.
Soot is mainly non-combustible material and combustion products entrained in flue gas. Rubbish combustible components due to incomplete combustion will form a black smoke, black smoke contains a lot of carbon particles, heavy metal damage to the human body is mainly concentrated in less than 3μm particles. According to information, in the mid-1970s, the Chicago area waste incinerator emissions of dust lead content of about 6. 9%, which dust particle size of less than 2μm solid lead content of more than 95%. As a result of the general existence of flue gas compounds, are also included in the incinerator ashes and other residues, so the fly ash and the bottom ash must be properly handled.

The dust collector is the end of the flue gas purification system. Electrostatic precipitator on the fine particles in the flue gas collection is not as good as the bag filter effect, and its best working temperature is the best temperature of dioxin synthesis, GB GB18485 - 2001 provisions of the garbage incinerator dust removal device must use bag dust collector. Bag filter does not only capture the general particles, but also to remove volatile heavy metals or their chloride, sulfate or oxide condensed into a diameter of ≤ 0.5μm aerosol, but also remove the adsorption of ash or activated carbon particles Dioxin and other organic pollutants.
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The incineration of fly ash and waste incinerator collected by the dust removal equipment shall be collected, stored and transported separately. Fly ash is treated as hazardous waste and slag is treated as a general solid waste. Dust collector collected from the fly ash, after the humidity sent to the ash bucket storage, and then sent to landfill. As the fly ash contains a large number of heavy metals and organic pollutants are hazardous waste, landfill before the first must be cured or stabilized.

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